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tv   President Biden Meets With French President in Italy  CSPAN  October 30, 2021 2:40am-2:50am EDT

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pres. biden: [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] pres. biden: [laughter] >> [indiscernible] pres. biden: no. >> [indiscernible]
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e head of the g20 summit -- ahead of the g20 summit. pres. macron: [speaking french]
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>> over the past few weeks, --that was much needed. what is european sovereignty in itself? what it brings to --[no audio] --strategic partnership between nato and the european union. we are numbers of nato. -- both members of nato. the importance of our discussion, we also want to underscore the importance of the cooperation of the inter-pacific region and our willingness cooperate. i would like to thank pres. biden in this respect for this decision. it is about coordination in the fight against terrorism and in particular, the presence of help
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with many of our european and international partners and pres. biden over the past two weeks made some fundamental decisions that benefited our armies and these are very much the embodiment of his support. we acknowledge from bilateral partnerships, the nuclear sector, the space industry, and of course the most advanced technology and we want to have some cooperation -- extended couple up -- cooperation on regulations as well. then we will continue to work together on the main international issues -- climate change, the digital sector, health, which will be on the agenda of the g20. it will also have discussions on
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control, which remains a key issue. this is at the heart of our work over the past two weeks but we will discuss today. these are very concrete decisions being taken to support initiatives and actions on all of these matters and to me, this is the beginning of a process of trust and confidence we are building together. thank you very much. for the work undertaken over the past two weeks and your presence here today. >> [speaking french] pres. biden: he has been with us from the beginning. he is the reason we came.
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my father always told me -- [indiscernible]
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you asking me? what happened was to use an english phrase --[indiscernible] discussions can happen but it hadn't.
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[indiscernible] i was under the impression that france was born long before covid-19. i honestly thought --[indiscernible] i hadn't said that. look, there is too much. we have been celebrating together for many years and one of those inflection points, [indiscernible]
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it happens every 60 or -- 50 or 75 years. thank you. >> [indiscernible]
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